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Public Works

T.1 General Policy

T.2 Road Planning Policy

T.3 Road Construction Policy

T.4 Road Maintenance Policy

T.5 Road Gravel Policy

T.6 Winter Maintenance Policy

T.7 Airports Policy

T.8 Fencing Policy

T.9 Contracting out of MD Equipment

T.10 Private Use of Motor Allowances

T.11 Log Haul Policy

T.12 Dust Control Policy

T.13 Private Signs on Road Right-of-Way Policy

T.14 Acquisition of Borrow Pits and Rights-of-Way

T.15 Leasing of Undeveloped Road Allowances

T.16 Road Cancellation and Closures

T.17 Vehicle and Operator Safety Policy

T.18 Road Crossing Agreement

T.20 Construction of Access Approaches

T.22 Portable Bathroom Rental/Use Policy

T.23 Borrowing or Rental of Outdoor Picnic Tables

T.25 Public Use of Municipal Busses

T.26 Residential Hamlet Spring Clean up

T.28 Transportation Recycle Policy

T.29 Private Laneway Maintenance Policy

T.30 Road Inspection and Maintenance Policy

T.31 Speed Bumps

T.32 Organization Use of Municipal Busses

T.33 Driving and Traffic Violation Policy