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The Finance & Administrative Services Department provides financial services to the departments of the Municipal District of Opportunity.

The Finance Department is responsible for the following functions:

  • Financial Planning and Budgets

    • Operating

    • Capital

  • Financial Accounting

    • Billings and Receivables

    • Purchasing and Payables

    • Payroll

    • Capital Projects

    • Fixed Assets

    • Government Grants

    • Miscellaneous Contributions

    • Goods and Services Tax

  • Financial Reporting and Internal Controls

    • Month-end Reports

    • Annual Financial Statements

    • Liaison with Auditors

    • Various Information Documents

  • Property Tax Administration

    • Assessments

    • Levy Rates

    • Tax Notices

  • Billing Collections

    • Property Taxes

    • Utility Charges

    • Child Care Fees

    • Well Drilling Fees

    • Miscellaneous Service Charges

  • Cash Management including Operation of Line of Credit

  • Disbursements

  • Utilities – Administration of Customer Requests

  • Organizational Records Management

Pre-Authorized Payment Plans

The M.D. offers pre-authorized payment plans for its residents. 

We accept applications for pre-authorized tax and pre-authorized utility payments.
The payment transactions occur on the 15th of each month. 

We currently have 58 taxation customers and 90 Utility customers on this plan.

If you wish to enroll in our payment plan, please contact:

Tax Payment Plan – Crystal Shaw, Finance Clerk at
(780) 891-3778; or Email - 

Utility Payment Plan – Hillary Cardinal, Utilities Analyst at
(780) 891-3778; or Email

Chief Financial Officer – Trina L. Mineault CPA, CA at:
T: (780) 891-3778
Fax: (780) 891-4283
Cell: (780) 891-6711; or Email


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