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Mission Statement

Toward 2020:  A Vision for Economic Development in the Municipal District of Opportunity

The Municipal District of Opportunity has a growing and diversified economy – together with an attractive business climate that supports entrepreneurship, small business development, business retention and growth, and new business attraction.

The M.D. is widely-known as The Land of Opportunity, but also for being a leader in sustainable development.  The principles of environmentally-sound, socially- and culturally-responsible economic development are fundamental, as is the commitment to long-term municipal fiscal and financial sustainability.

An increasingly diverse, strong and growing regional economy enables the M.D. to maintain the quality services, programs and infrastructure that residents have come to expect.

A pristine environment, beautiful vistas, scenic lakes and an enviable quality of life is ultimately what makes – and will continue to make – the Municipal District of Opportunity a recognized community of choice for residents, businesses and new investment for years to come.

Mission Statement

The Municipal District of Opportunity is open for business and committed to working with private sector partners and investors to help grow the region’s economy.  The M.D. is also committed to ensuring that this economic growth and development takes place in a fully sustainable manner.

Jobs, investment and increased local expenditure activity are the three primary goals to be pursued as the M.D. strives to build a more diversified and value-added economy within the region.

A priority will continue to be placed on maintaining reliable, high-quality municipal infrastructure and services – while also maintaining competitive municipal tax and regulatory frameworks.

Reflecting these vision and mission statements, the M.D.'s business and investment attraction activities are focused on four main areas:

Business Retention and Small Business Development

  • Business Growth Strategies and Programming (ongoing services, support and referrals for both existing and new businesses)
  • New Business/Industry Attraction (retail, commercial, community services, industrial, oil/gas field services and supply, etc.)
  • New Directions in Economic and Community Development (building a more diversified, value-added and “full service” economy and retail/commercial presence)