Area Structure Plans / Concept Plans

An Area Structure Plan is a land use planning document that provides a framework for subsequent subdivision and development.

It lays out the types of land uses proposed for an area and addresses water supply, sewage disposal, storm water drainage, environmental issues, fire suppression, and other elements of development.

Area structure plans are approved by the Council and used as a guide by the Administration in planning future development within the M.D.

If you would like a hard copy of these files they can be purchased by contacting the Lands, Planning and Development Department at the Wabasca Administration Office at 1-800-891-3778.

Area Structure Plans:

Wabasca Area Structure Plan

Red Earth Creek Area Structure Plan

Calling Lake Area Structure Plan

Sandy Lake Area Structure Plan


Downtown Wabasca Concept Plan and Development Design Guidelines:

Wabasca Downtown Development Concept Plan (4.15 MB)

Wabasca Downtown Development Design Guidelines (3.24 MB)