Human Resources

Human Resources

Human Resources at the MD of Opportunity maintains the municipality's reputation as a great place for great people to do great things. We strive to maintain a healthy and vibrant workplace culture.


Privacy Policy

Disclosure of applicant information to third parties for hiring purposes may be required. Only information required for hiring purposes may be disclosed.

Information submitted to the MD of Opportunity via email, fax, website, telephone, conversation, personal conversation, or other means not stated here may be considered for hiring purposes.

Information submitted to MD of Opportunity by any means for hiring purposes constitutes consent by applicants unless otherwise specifically stated by the applicant.

 For any further information on our privacy policy, please contact the FOIP Coordinator at 780-891-3778.

Please feel free to reach out to the HR department:

Human Resources Manager
Loretta Beaver

Human Resources Clerk
Susan Gullion


Contact Information

Phone: 780 891-3778
Fax:  780 891-4283

HR Group email