Seniors' Wood, Propane & Natural Gas Grant


FirewoodThe seniors’ wood, propane, and natural gas grant was initiated by the M.D. of Opportunity No. 17 to supplement the cost of residential heating to seniors residing in the hamlets within the municipality. In the past, approved seniors were given a cheque in the amount of $900.00. It was determined that it was not an effective way to manage the grant program; some seniors were mismanaging their grant funds. It was decided that the grant funds would go directly to the wood and utility providers. Community Services department special events coordinator was delegated the responsibility of administering the grant. Since it was the first time the grant funds were administered by a coordinator there were many unexpected challenges that comes with a new program.


The purpose for the CS.4 Senior Grant Program is to provide senior citizens a grant for residential heating purposes. Eligible applicants are senior citizens  65 years and over and medically disabled persons who are permanent residents residing within the M.D. Hamlets and communities of Calling Lake, Sandy Lake, Wabasca, Chipewyan Lake, Red Earth Creek, Peerless Lake and Trout Lake. Approved applicants are provided with their choice of fire-wood, propane or natural gas at a cost not to exceed $900.00 per year.

Download the CS.4 Policy - Seniors' Wood, Propane & Natural Gas
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This grant is offered through the M.D. Community Services Department. For more information, please email Event Coordinator, email John Bigstone or call the Main Admin Building at (780) 891-3887 or toll-free at 1-888-891-3778.