Lands, Planning and Development

The Lands, Planning and Development Department provides guidance and expertise on all aspects of development and subdivision within our community.


The purpose of the Department is three-fold:

  1. To achieve patterns of human settlement and land use that are sustainable, orderly, economic, and developmentally beneficial, in an effort to meet the ever-changing needs of the M.D. of Opportunity No. 17;
  2. To maintain and improve the quality of the physical environment of the communities in the M.D., without infringing on the rights of individuals for any public interest except to the extent that is necessary for the overall greater public interest;
  3. To promote and accurately administer the sale and lease of municipal owned lands and servicing in a timely manner.​​




"Our ultimate goal is to protect and develop communities within the M.D. of Opportunity No. 17 while providing the necessary opportunities for using the M.D.'s resource land base, and to provide for industrial and economic diversification within the overall context of well-planned growth, change and development."



    All development is guided by municipal statutory documents including  the Municipal Development PlanArea Structure PlansLand Use Bylaw, and Land Policies. The planning process in the Province of Alberta is governed by the Municipal Government Act and the associated Subdivision and Development Regulations.


    To meet the needs of our clients, our staff is knowledgeable in the areas of:

    • Zoning 
    • Land Use
    • Development and Subdivision
    • Permits and Applications
    • GIS & Mapping
    • Bylaws & Property Inspections
    • Statutory Plans
    • Future Development Plans​


    We offer services that include:

    • Preparation & implementation of statutory plans
    • Review of development and subdivision applications
    • Facilitation of appeals to the Subdivision & Development Appeal Board
    • Processing of applications to rezone land and to amend statutory plans
    • Issuance of compliance certificates​


    Planning for future development in the municipality helps to create a safe and efficient community.