Current Heritage Projects

1. Oral History: Everyone knows that as time passes on, more and more stories are being lost from previous generations and once they are gone they are lost forever. This project aims to capture the important memories of residents that paint a picture of "life back then." Topics include family kinship, transportation, school, living off the land, unique family traditions, local legends, religion, community, traditional medicine, and interesting stories. Anyone wanting to participate in this important initiative to preserve history should contact John Bigstone or Kristi Zufelt at the MD of Opportunity. 780-891-3778. Download the brochure here.

2. Historical Survey: This project is about surveying areas in the MD of Opportunity that are at least 40 years old and might have heritage value. It can include buildings (such as stores or log cabins), structures (such as bridges or monuments), or cultural landscapes (such as wagon trails or gathering grounds). 117 sites have already been included in the 2013/2014 Historical Survey and more will continue to be added. Check out this online article written by Michael Thome, the MD's advisor from Alberta Culture, on his visit to Calling Lake.

3. Digital Archive: Stop by the Calling Lake Visitor Centre or the MD office in Wabasca with any artifact, document, photo, or other historic items so it can be added to our new digital records. This will help us know what's out there, and might lead to uncovering stories and information of the past. You will be asked to fill out an intake form and a photo will be taken of your object.

Historical Board Logo Winner



Tanner Evans' artwork was chosen as the winning logo for the MD of Opportunity Historical Board. Fourteen logos were submitted. Thank you to all those who participated. The logo will be used on heritage publications as well as other promotional items related to local heritage initiatives.


Season of the Birch

An insightful glance into the traditional lifestyle of the Woodland Cree of northern Alberta.
Filmed in 1973.