Utility User Fees


1. Commercial - 220 gal (1 Cubic metre)-$0.90/m3

2. Residential service lines up to 1 inch (25mm)- $28.00/month

Trucked Water Delivery - Once a Week:

1. Up to 220 gallons (1 cubic metre)-$20.00/month

2. From 221 to 1100 gallons (5 cubic metres)-$30.00/month

3. From 1101 to 2200 gallons-$35.00/month

4. Commercial water delivery-Market Value

Key Lock Systems:

1. Refundable Deposit determined by credit application.

2. Consumption: $0.01/gallon

i. Hamlet Residential with approved rebate: $0.02/gallon

ii. Hamlet Commercial with approved rebate: $0.02/gallon

  iii. All other users $0.04/gallon

Community Water Points:

Coin loading (approximately 100 gal/coin): $0.25

Self-Contained Citizens Housing:

Per occupied unit: $12.00/month

Non-Hamlet Trucked Water Delivery:

(Within 20km Radius of Hamlet)

1. Up to 220 gallons (1 cubic metre):$30.00/month

2. From 221to1100 gallons (5 cubic metres): $46.00/month

3. From 1101 to 2200 gallons: $52.50/month

Waste Water Service  

Service Installation Fees from main to property Line-At Developer’s Cost

Connection Fees

If connecting to water & sewer: Fee is included in water connection

If connecting to sewer service only: $100.00

Sewer Fees

Surcharge on water rates - piped water: 20%

Surcharge - trucked water delivery: 20%

All other charges or water & sewer service: 40%

If only connected to service line: $17/month

Residential service: $15/pickup

Non-hamlet residential service (20k radius): $25/month

Commercial service per pickup: Current Market value