Featured Projects

The Economic Development Officer is currently working on four large scale community(whole Municipal District) based projects:

  1. The MD like industry is facing pressure to provide employment and training opportunities to the communities.  One of our first steps is to host a stakeholder event that includes the educational institutions, industry, and the business community to identify the following:
    1. We want to engage the business community in a dialogue addressing the gaps and limitations being faced.  Ideally, the employment and training needs will become very clear. 
    2. Business loans for expansions or new start ups will be another critical area that the M.D. and Community Futures could identify.
  2. Continue to work with Land and Real Estate Developers to build commercial and retail spaces and businesses.
  3. The M.D. & Bigstone Cree Nation have jointly released the request for "Expressions of Interest" to a number of banking institutions.  This initial step in the process is to get full-service banking services in Wabasca should conclude by year end. 
  4. Wabasca Trade Show, September 22nd & 23rd at the new Multiplex featuring business, Industry and government services in northern AB that support our district.