Downtown Development Plan

The Downtown Development Guidelines

Downtown Development Guidelines
Wabasca Downtown Commercial Lots for Sale

The purpose of the guidelines is to encourage and facilitate developments that reflect local culture and the resource based commercial dynamics and opportunities at Wabasca.

Downtown WabascaA fundamental intent is for these Guidelines to facilitate and encourage appropriate development without being unduly restrictive or prescriptive.  The Wabasca Downtown Development Guidelines are intended to inform and direct the municipal staff, developers, and landowners on the critical elements essential to help achieve and maintain a vibrant downtown core.

The Vision for the Wabasca downtown is to develop an economically diverse and vibrant downtown that is attractive, sale and serves the needs of the community.  The downtown is intended to be the social hub of the hamlet, and therefore should be a source of community pride.

Key Benefits

  • Express the "Vision" for a successful Downtown Wabasca
  • Practical "user friendly" guide to Applicants and Approval Agents
  • Facilitate the creation of an attractive Downtown
  • Reflect local culture and resource based commercial dynamics
  • Encourage & facilitate business investment & employment
  • Help to protect property values and encourage investor confidence
  • Provide a consistent standard with flexibility and quality controls
  • Enhance and protect the relationships between land uses
  • Provide clear direction from M.D. Council to Development Officer
  • Provide clear guidance to Developers and Builders

Who Benefits?

  • The People of Wabasca
  • The M.D. of Opportunity
  • Land Owners & Land Developers
  • Building Developers, Contractors & Design Professionals
  • Current and Future Business Owners & Operators
  • Commercial Tenants and Residential Tenants
  • Institutional and Government Agencies
  • Emergency Service Providers
  • Development & Planning Approval Agencies