Cyndi Taron - Manager
Office: 780 891-3815
Fax: 780 891-4284
Cell: 780 891-8719 
Toll Free: 1-888-891-3778

Direct Line: 780-891-4268

Duties of the transportation department include:

  • Landscaping
  • Fencing
  • Culvert Maintenance
  • Building Approaches
  • Walking Trail Maintenance
  • Skating and Skate Board Park Maintenance
  • Port-a-Potty Rentals & Washroom Maintenance
    •  Delivery and Pick Up
  • Grass Cutting
  • Painting
  • Inventory
  • Set Up and Take Down Christmas Light Decorations

Apart from those items listed above, the Transportation department also assists in all M.D Recreation and Community events, setting up port-a-potty’s, garbage bins, picnic tables and tents.

Transportation/Public Works Policies

T.1 General Transportation Policy

T.2 Road Planning Policy

T.3 Road Construction Policy

T.4 Road Maintenance Policy

T.5 Road Gravelling Policy

T.6 Winter Maintenance Policy

T.7 Airports Policy

T.8 Fencing Policy

T.9 Contracting of MD Equipment

T.10 Private Use of Road Allowances

T.11 Log Haul Policy

T.12 Dust Control Policy

T.13 Private Signs on Road Right of Ways

T.14 Acquisition of Borrow Pits & Right of Ways

T.15 Leasing of Undeveloped Road Allowances

T.16 Road Cancellations & Closures

T.17 Vehicle & Operator Safety

T.18 Road Crossing Policy & Agreement

T.20 Construction of Access Approaches

APPROACH Specification Standard

T.22 Portable Bathroom Rental & Use

T.23 Outdoor Picnic Tables

T.25 Use of Municipal Busses

T.26 Residential Hamlet Spring Cleanup

T.28 Transportation Recycling Policy

T.29 Private Laneway Maintenance Policy

T.30 Road Inspection and Maintenance Policy

T.31 Speed Bumps

T.32 Organization Use of Municipal Busses

T.33 Driving & Traffic Violation Policy