Economic Development

Welcome to Economic Development

Votham Anastasiadis
Economic Development Officer
Municipal District of Opportunity No. 17
Office:  (780) 891-3778 / (888) 891-3778

The M.D.’s Economic Development Team provides a full range of services related to:

  • Business Retention and Small Business Development
  • Business Growth Strategies and Programming (ongoing services, support and referrals for both existing and new businesses)
  • New Business/Industry Attraction (retail, commercial, community services, industrial, oil/gas field services and supply, etc.)
  • New Directions in Economic and Community Development (building a more diversified, value-added and “full service” economy and retail/commercial presence)

The Team is committed to working with businesses, entrepreneurs and investors to help grow the region’s retail, commercial, industrial and tourism and outdoor recreation base – and to ensure that this growth and economic development takes place in a fully sustainable manner.

Jobs, investment and increased local expenditure activity remain the three primary goals for the Department as it strives to build and help bring about a more diversified, value-added and "full service" economy within the region.

Once again, for more information on business and investment opportunities available in The Land of Opportunity, or to discuss your specific business development needs, please contact: