Security and Animal Control

Hamlet and Community Security and Animal Control

Reminder: dogs must be kept on their owner’s property by tying up or fencing.  Stray dogs will be impounded and owners charged $20 per day in pound fees before the dog is released. Unclaimed dogs may be adopted out to someone else after just three days.

Get your dog back more quickly!  A dog tag means we can call you if your dog is found.  Registration and tags are free at the MD Main Office at 2077 Mistassiniy Rd. N., Mon-Fri 8:15 am to 4:30 pm.  Don’t forget to call us at 780-891-3778 with an update if your phone number changes. 

To lodge a complaint, call your closest Area Office or the Officer for your area directly:

Wabasca/Sandy Lake Security Al Auger  (780) 891-8221
Wabasca/Sandy Lake Animal Control Charles Dube  (780) 273-0444
Calling Lake Security/Animal Control  Flora Auger  (780) 891-8263
Calling Lake Security/Animal Control   Ricky Cardinal (780) 891-8179
Peerless/Trout Security/Animal Control Warren Okemow (780) 869-2099
Peerless/Trout Security/Animal Control
(Trout Shop:leave a message)
Bonnie Oar (780) 869-2099
Red Earth Creek Security/Animal Control  Andrew Orr  (780) 869-3305

Kennel and Animal management

  • Animal Control stores animals in kennels that are set up at our landfill and transfer sites.
  • Animal Control Officers, landfill attendants, and volunteers work together to maintain the kennels and keep the animals fed while they wait to be reclaimed, transferred to rescue, or adopted.
  • If interested in adopting an animal please contact the Animal Control Officer for your area.  You could also contact Second Chance Animal Rescue Society (SCARS), a non-profit animal rescue group that finds homes for many of the MD's unclaimed dogs--go to:

Dog Control Bylaw

Dog Control Bylaw (PDF)

BearSmart Assessments - Wabasca and Red Earth Creek

BearSmart Assessment - Wabasca 2012

BearSmart Assessment - Red Earth Creek 2012